Birch Bristol epitomises everything that i admire with young entrepreneurial partnerships with Sam and his love of locally grown, reared, caught ingredients to Beccy and her desire to inform and look after their customers, with their shared passion for their allotment growing herbs, vegetables and fruit. Their combined energy and skill makes eating at Birch a wonderful experience.

So a night where their superb food was matched with a selection of our ciders and perries was a night to be cherished. Not that it was a slam dunk, we each selected dishes and then styles of cider and perry that we “thought” would go well together. So , living life on the wild side, it was not till the evening that we were actually going to be able to see if they worked.

The menu 08.04.15 birch cider and perry dinner

The evening was both a sell out and great success. The pairings worked very well with the biggest surprise being the Kingston Black with venison ragout more than holding it’s own and the David v Goliath moment was when the 4% Red Pear Cocktail blinked under the weight of the cherries soaked in 20 year old Somerset Cider Brandy .

For many of the customers this was their first exposure to such a varied selection of  cider and perry and it was really fulfilling to see the potential of the apple and pear being fully realised in the company of great food.

For me the cheese selection with our “At the Hop”, the cascade dry hopped cider was a real revelation and the split personality of the drink elevated the cheeses so well.

The cider and perry pairing dinner may well happen again in the future but meanwhile, any time you are in Bristol or in need of fine food, book a table at Birch.

08.04.15 cider and perry dinner